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Mexico - Chiapas

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Mexico - Chiapas
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A delicious cup from the Cascada Jaltenango Community Grower Group in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Shade grown at a low 1000 - 1350 meters, wash processes, sun dried and certified organic. This coffee has a very clean taste, full of berry notes and a baking spice finish.


Origin – Mexico

Region – Chiapas

Name of farm – Cascada Jaltenango Community Grower Group

Grade – SHG

Processing – Washed & Sundried

Altitude – 1000 – 1350 meters

Certification – Organic

Plant varietal – Typica, Bourbon, Mondo Novo

Our CGG’s are comprised of families throughout Southern Mexico. The Confederacion was founded in 2004 by this writer with the social objective of creating further opportunity through education and training.

Mayan Winds offers a wide variety of Arabica beans which are always 100% shade grown, naturally cultivated, processed and exported directly by indigenous coffee growers.

Cupping notes – Berry, clean, spice

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